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Weekly Basics

How old are you?



1) Asking strangers 'How old are you?', especially older strangers, is considered a little bit rude in English.

2) If your birthday has already passed this year, you can say, 'I was (age) in (birthday month).

If your birthday hasn't happened yet, 'I'll be (next birthday age) in (birthday month).

Good luck!  xxx Hilary


1 知らない人、特に目上の人に年齢を聞くのはちょっと失礼にあたるよ。

2 もし誕生日が過ぎてしまったのなら、I was (年齢)in (誕生日月).ということができるよ。そして誕生日がまだなら、 'I'll be (もうすぐなる年齢) in (誕生日月).って言えるね


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