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Weekly Basics: What subject do you like?

This week’s basic question is, ‘What subject do you like?’
Watch the video a few times, try saying each of the important words out loud, and then download the worksheet and give it a go!


1) Integrated studies is a special subject that Japan is very proud of, and many other countries are jealous of this awesome subject! We learn about many different things, and take what we learn from other subjects and use it all together.

2) You don't have to be good at something you like! I really like Home economics, but I'm terrible at it! Good luck! xxx Hilary


1) 総合学習は、日本がとても誇りに思っている特別な科目で、他の多くの国がこの素晴らしい科目を羨んでいます!私たちはさまざまな



2) 好きなことが得意である必要はありません!私は家庭科が本当に好きですが、下手

です!がんばってください!xxx ヒラリー


Theme: Halloween Allstars 

This month, our theme is Halloween Allstars. We’re going to learn about 4 characters that we often see at Halloween. Up first, the queens of Halloween, ‘Witches’!



1) There are a lot of new words in today’s video. 
Evil, familiar, broomstick, coven…make a note of all the words that interest you, and practice using them!
2) If you watch this video on YouTube, there are captions.
You can turn them on and off, or change them from Japanese to English by clicking on the small square with dots in it, at the bottom right of the video screen. Watch it once in Japanese, then again in English, and if you have time, one more time with no subtitles!
Keep up the good work friends! xxx Hilary


1) 今日のビデオにはたくさんの新しい単語が出てきます。
Evil, familiar, broomstick, coven…興味の

2) このビデオをYouTubeで見ると、字幕が


頑張ってみてくださいね! xxxヒラリーより

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