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Deko Boko Rice・デコボコライス







In 2020, Deko Boko Eigo borrowed land in Takase and started growing rice.

Our main reason for doing this was to teach our students from A to Z, all about the grain that we eat pretty much every day. We wanted to teach them how it gets from the paddy to the table, and we wanted to do it without pesticides.

There's no way we could do any of this without our wonderful Takase friends. The old pro farmers who have taken us through every process, from making the seedlings, preparing the land, and arranging the planting frames, to setting up the electric fences to protect our crop from wild boars, and lending us all the machines and tools that we need.

Thanks to our friends in Takase we gathered a delicious harvest last year. We also relied heavily on the advice of Mr. Ito, a good friend and revered local organic farmer.

Sadly, in 2020 we weren't able to invite the children to help us plant and harvest because of the virus, but this year, we had many of our young friends getting their hands, and everything else dirty planting the field!

These days, I'm using the weeder and watching the growth of the young rice plants. Stay tuned for more Takase adventures!


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