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2023年の春休みコースは超イケてる!・The 2023 Spring Course is Fire!











Friends, my goodness!

The line up for the 2023 Deko Boko Eigo Spring Course is absolutely legendary!

Returning champions Shintaro, Satoya's wagashi master, Yumena-san, our local environmental education queen, and Ayaka Kanamori, the goddess of giving new life to beloved old clothes, will all be back in the classroom to share some of their expert tricks and techniques, and introduce us to a whole new world of exciting knowledge!

Also joining us, as always, is our dear friend Aya-san, and this time she's bringing a whole entourage of amazing new friends to help us explore the world of tea ceremony.

Tsuchida Takeshi-san, a ceramic artist originally from Kyoto, currently working from his Noborigama at the base of Gassan, has worked closely with Aya-san to design three special lessons for young friends to introduce tea ceremony, and the beauty of ceramics in the tea room.

As if that wasn't enough, three more guests will make an appearance, one guest per lesson, to introduce a related art and add depth to our general understanding of the world of tea, Miku-san, an exquisite calligrapher, Sagae Ikuko-san, a master of Ikebana, and Kanka-san, a wagashi artisan extraordinaire!

This team of Japanese traditional artists hope to introduce the common aspects that each of these distinctive disciplines share: harmony, strength, beauty, hospitality, form, and tranquility, and help our young friends see how we can tap into these skills, not just in the tearoom, but in our everyday lives.

When I tell you we are pumped for this Spring Course...


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