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七日町でトリックオアトリーティング Trick or Treating in Nanukamachi

10月27日土曜日 9:30am-11:30pm

ハロウィーンにちなんだ絵本を読み、みんなのスプーキースイッチをオンにして、週末の七日町へハロウィーンパレードに繰り出しました。もちろん目的はTrick or Treat!! じゃらんじゃらん・タリーズコーヒー 七日町店・タマルヤ・nicoドーナツ 山形店・栗の実洋品店・カフェ ヒマラヤ・無印良品 七日町店・十一屋本店・カメラショップ サンコー堂の皆さんのご協力で最高に楽しい思い出ができました。本当にありがとうございました。 This Halloween, we all got dressed up to the spooky nines, and took to the streets of Nanukamachi. We first gathered at Deko Boko Eigo, and listened to a few scary stories to get us in the mood, and then we headed out. We visited nine local shops with a friendly, 'Trick or Treat!' and got an impressive haul: candy from Bali, cookies from Nepal, ceramic buttons, DIY postcards, and a whole assortment of other treats.

We can't thank our local friends enough for helping put on such a great event: Jalan Jalan, Tully's Nanukamachi, Tamaruya, Nico Donuts, Kuri no Mi, Cafe Himalaya, Mujirushi Nanukamachi, Juichiya, and Sankodo. We are forever grateful for your kindness and holiday spirit! As for our students, your costumes, were absolutely amazing, we hope you had a sufficiently scary and enjoyable time! Happy Halloween everyone, Deko Boko Eigo loves you!

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