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ひょうたんとリズムワークショップ Hyotan and Rhythm

いろんな形のひょうたんにドリルやコテを使って模様をつけ、ガラスビーズやシールでデコレーション。お米を入れて完成、自分だけのマラカス。 そのマラカスと様々な国からやってきた打楽器の合奏!! ひょうたん使いのプロ おへひょさんと、パーカッショニストのなめかたさんのお二人よりご指導いただきました。実りのある楽しい時間をありがとう!

Today we were joined by Mr. Ohehyo, and Mr. Namekata for an amazing collaborative workshop about Hyotan and Rhythm. We thought about the origin, feeling, and meaning behind music, and then Mr. Ohehyo showed us how to make our own maracas using gourds and uncooked rice. After putting on the finishing touches with drills and glass beads, Mr. Namekata gave an amazing percussion demonstration, introduced some very interesting instruments, and taught us about basic dynamics and rhythm. Gentlemen, we can’t thank you enough for such a perfect Saturday morning! Deko Boko Eigo loves you!

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