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どんな味?- How does it taste?

ゲスト: 山形大学 大森 桂さん


山形大学の大森桂さんをお招きし「五味-甘味、酸味、塩味、苦味、うま味」について、体験を通し英語で学んでいただきました。五つの味ステーション、たとえば「Umamiステーション」では「かつおだし・昆布だし・いりこだし・本だし・出汁なし」の五つの味噌汁をためしてもらい、その違いについて考える。また「Sweetステーション」では「和三盆・黒糖・白砂糖」の三種類で作ったカップケーキを食べ、その違いにて考えてみるなど、様々なアクティビティを通して五味について考えた実りのある時間でした。 We were thrilled to welcome back Dr. Omori to Deko Boko Eigo, as she lead us around the classroom exploring each of the 5 tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami. Through games and experiments, we discovered the different kinds of umami in dashi, taste tested miso from all over Japan, learned the perfect recipe for an all natural cold remedy, tried a truly bitter dark chocolate and compared it with other high cacao content chocolates, and finally discovered how baking with different kinds of sugar changes the final cake. We then talked about everything together, and discovered that everyone has different favourites. It was a wonderful experience and we are very grateful to Dr. Omori, and to our wonderful students, who made the workshop so enjoyable. Thank you!

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