Be proud of your accent! 自分のなまりに誇りをもとう!

Since I first started teaching English, well-meaning parents have been asking me the same question, ‘What can I do at home to help my kids?’, to which my answer is invariably, ‘Read with them! Sing with them! Talk with them! Show your own interest in speaking English and it will naturally transfer to them!’ and it is almost always met with a bashful smile, and some version of ‘…but my English is not good enough!’ Please listen to me. Your English is definitely good enough! Every country where English is spoken has its own accent, and every country is proud of that accent. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what another native speaker is saying, but that is nothing to be ashamed of. We tr

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ヤマガタ未来ラボで 自由な働き方=(好きな仕事+家庭の両立) ご紹介いただきました。 We were very happy to sit down with Yamagata Mirai Labo and talk about work/life balance, you can take a look at the interview here!

ランテルナロッサでピザ作り Pizza Making at Lanterna Rossa

Sausage, please! Here you are. Thank you! 4人一組、チームワークで一つのピザを作る!イタリアンレストラン ランテルナロッサの小山さんから教えていただいた、ピザ作りワークショップ。生地をのばし、トマトソースをかけ、好きなトッピングをのせて焼き上げる。自分たちで作った焼きたてピザは最高でした!小山さん、ありがとうございました! We had a lovely time learning how to make pizza at Lanterna Rossa in Nanokamachi. Thank you so much for having us in your beautiful restaurant!

ひょうたんとリズムワークショップ Hyotan and Rhythm

いろんな形のひょうたんにドリルやコテを使って模様をつけ、ガラスビーズやシールでデコレーション。お米を入れて完成、自分だけのマラカス。 そのマラカスと様々な国からやってきた打楽器の合奏!! ひょうたん使いのプロ おへひょさんと、パーカッショニストのなめかたさんのお二人よりご指導いただきました。実りのある楽しい時間をありがとう! Today we were joined by Mr. Ohehyo, and Mr. Namekata for an amazing collaborative workshop about Hyotan and Rhythm. We thought about the origin, feeling, and meaning behind music, and then Mr. Ohehyo showed us how to make our own maracas using gourds and uncooked rice. After putting on the finishing touches with drills and glass beads, Mr. Namekata gave an amazing percussion demonstration, introduced some very interesting instruments, and taught us about basic dynamics and rhythm. Gentlemen, we can’t thank you enough for such a p

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リアルローカル山形でご紹介いただきました。 私たちの想いをとても素敵にまとめてくださいました。 Check out this wonderful article written by the fine folks at Real Local Yamagata. Thank you so much for visiting us! Click here

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